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The activities we offer in our farm with the horses are:
- Tame and Training
- Preparation for country riding
- Preparation for hurdle jumping
- Team Penning Training
- Available for Purchase
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Equipment and facilities

Horse Equipment and facilities for our riders are:
- Irrigated sand-based field 40 x 60 equipped with hurdles.
- Irrigated sand-based field 20 x 50 equipped for team penning
- Sand-based horse round pen with a diameter of 20 m for warm up and tame
- Multipurpose irrigated sand-based horse round pen with a diameter of 14 m
- Irrigated and equipped sand-based riding school 25 x 50
- Half-timbered box
- Paddocks of different sizes from 150 to 500 square meters.
- Tack rooms with lockers and saddle holders.
Farriery, Infirmary, laundry rooms and a confortable clubhouse complete our services.

School and riding courses

Our school offers the English, Western and Maremma style riding.
Our courses include:
- Beginner school (teenagers and adults)
- Pony School for younger riders.
- Riding School for competitions (hurdle jumping - dressage)
- Team Penning school
- School for country riding
- Horse back riding, excursions, trekking.

Horse trainers

In our school there are:
- N. 1 certified FISE trainer for hurdle jumping.
- N. 1 certified FISE OTB trainer
- N. 1 Trainer
- N. 2 horse guides for excursions and trekking

Tame and Training - Sale

Marco Trafelli is our "man of the horses". He is a very competent and professional individual with many years of experience and is personally in charge of the preparation and training of young horses as well as of the training of those upset and troubled ones, always respecting the horse. He adopts a path and methodology of growth and progress that is well organized and established for every kind of horse; from the one with a difficult behavior to the more exuberant and prevailing. This is a tame/training based on the principles of Ethology therefore aiming to communicate with the horse by respecting its times and learning skills.
We have several horses of different ages, races and origins for sale. Most of the horses for sale belong to the race from Maremma. These are young horses and adults with optimal character and good level of training.
All horses can be at livery in two different locations; in paddocks of about 300 square meters each and with hut, water and manger or in a stable like the English way in horseboxes of several sizes and types. Horsebox litter is made of wood chip-based non-pulverized and controlled or, according to availability this can be made of straw and it is cleaned daily by removing waste. Feeding occurs 3 times a day: in the morning, during the day and in the evening with hay and grains produced in our farm and specific pelleted and balanced horse food.
On our farm we breed horses of different breeds but, we mainly breed Maremmana race horses that represent the ideal mount of the cowboy from Maremma, is excellent for the amateur horseback riding, ideal for trekking, walking, or sporting activities and can compete with the rest of the national production.

The Horse Riding Center

Our horse-riding center offers a series of facilities and services to beginners and expert riders in order to meet any kind of requirement. Staying at our farm will give you a chance to get closely familiar with the horse riding world for the first time and the assurance to have lessons even when the weather conditions are hostile thanks to a large covered riding space. For those who already are expert riders, spending your holiday here will give you the chance to work on the field and also walking through paths of different level of difficulty in the typical High Maremma landscapes, from hills to the coast, in the green of the Mediterranean Bush or along our seashores.

Pony Club

Our farm offers: summer weeks of Pony Club from June to September, reserved for children from 6 to 12 and fond of nature and horses. Hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm and will include horseback riding lessons, practical work in the stable, horse management, team games, development of perceptions and skills, nature listening and more...Pony club weeks offer children to experience an unusual summer camp where play and the interaction with animals, the respect for their needs and their timing are the essential elements of the day. Children will learn the importance of relationship and respect of everything that is around us and in so doing developing a feeling of responsibility and sharing. Mandatory: regular medical certificate (non competitive), vaccination against tetanus, contact numbers of parents or relatives, disclosure of allergies if any.
- Jeans
- Sneakers
- Flip-flops
- White T-shirt to color
- Beach towel
- Bathing suit
- Sun hat
- Changes
- Coins in order to buy food/drink from dispensers