Organic Dining

In the last 50 years our economic progress has affected our food industry by making it globalized and richer in proteins and fats compared to what we had in the past. Recently people have felt the need to go back to a diet that is more connected to the soil, to its seasons and tradition, to organic farming. We say no to street food, finger food, fast food, junk food, and snacks that taste all the same wherever we go (thus have no taste). Our food mirrors the extraordinary taste that comes from the traditions of farmers, by the need of using simple ingredients and cheap ones for the preparations of our dishes. We indeed prefer the use of extra virgin olive oil versus the seed oil or fats or margarine and in so doing raw materials we use with art for the preparation of our dishes, with all their taste, become the protagonists of a simple and tasty cooking that you won't forget. Our restaurant is "organic dining" because products are produced on site on our farm and respect rules and principles of the organic farming. Thus dictating a respect for the soil by using its resources in an organic friendly environment. Tuscan food in general and our cooking in particular, varies a lot with different tastes and several recipes and this variety combined with quality and freshness of our ingredients make our dishes exceptional. Ingredients are in fact what make our recipes unique and distinct and we have plenty, which make up the character of our land. A land that cannot be identified with a few dishes but with many products and traditional recipes like panzanella (bread soup), acquacotta (Tuscan vegetable soup with egg) ribollita (Florentine vegetable soup) pappa al pomodoro (tomato bread soup) cereals soups with legumes, cheese, cold cuts, steak tagliata, wild boar, tripe... We are sure you've heard of these dishes already..Who knows if you have ever tasted them yet? Do you need our recommendation? Do it! We look forward to seeing you!


Conviviality is important and is essential in creating human relations and to spread love our world desperately needs. The table is the best place to spread love. Sharing time not to isolate oneself, happiness not to get depressed, fantasy not to get bored, empathy versus monotony, enthusiasm not to live in vain, and hurrah for the company!!!

Host a dinner

All year long, or when the weather allows it, it is possible to organize parties in the park and the facilities near the pool. These parties usually occur in summer with live music. At request it is possible to organize private parties or dinners with a buffet menu or served at the table.